Colon Logistics Park

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Colon Logistics Park

In response to the rapidly changing landscape of global manufacturing and supply chain management, CCT is now undertaking the development of 30 hectares of its concession lands as a logistics park.

The provision of logistics park facilities within CCT’s boundaries will provide manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and their 3PLs a unique opportunity to leverage bespoke logistics facilities integrated into an deepsea marine terminal.

As Latin America’s largest container hub in 2017, Colón remains the market of choice for global OEMs seeking to optimize their supply chains in Latin America.

Potential benefits for tenants:

Reduced Drayage Expense: CLP will be located within the boundaries of CCT which will allow for quick and less-expensive movement of containers from storage yard to warehouses.

Single Customs Zone: CLP will be within same customs zone as CCT which will allow for seamless movement between berth and warehouses and provide tenants maximum flexibility to manage their supply chains.

Inventory: Shorter lead times to key markets, reduced inventory costs.

CLP will be easily accessible to all of Colón’s waterside and landside transportation nodes, with direct access to Panama City via the Panama-Colón Expressway.