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Port Security

The security system of Colon Container Terminal, S.A. has been designed to fulfill with the standards of the Super Carrier Initiative Agreement in regards to:

  • Training to the security personnel

  • Access to the terminal

  • Security to the cargo

  • Vehicle control

Advanced technology has been implemented to achieve the requirements of the cargo transportation industry.  An independent consultant from the Port Security of the United States has carried out a complementary advising study regarding the terminal's security and risks.  Periodic studies with the Department of Transportation of the United States, Panamanian Customs, Immigration and Authorities have been provided.


Colon Container Terminal, S.A. has an integral security system with several services that complement an efficient security program.  These services are:

  • We have our own security agents trained by experts in port security and Panamanian Authorities to protect and maintain off illegal activities the terminal facilities.

  • The port has K-9 units for the prevention of drug smuggling inside and around the terminal.

  • A system of closed circuit cameras that monitor the terminal and its surroundings.

  • A bike patrol system that watches the terminal perimeter.

  • A patrol boat that watches the wharves perimeter.

  • Security gates in all entrances.

All this concerted effort is to provide our customers an adequate security to their cargo and to collaborate with other nations in the fight against drug smuggling through the maritime transportation.



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