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Quality Policy


Colon Container Terminal, S.A.'s main goal is to meet our customers' requirements and needs providing a quality service. To achieve this goal, Colon Container Terminal, S.A. has developed an Assurance Quality System to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the service.


Our Quality Policy is:


We provide a first class service in handling international transportation cargo at the most competitive rates.


CCT places quality, customer's satisfaction, continuous improvement, and safety terminal operations as its main goals.


To accomplish this policy, CCT has established the following guidelines:

  • Satisfy our customer needs and requirements.

  • Optimize our vessel productivity.

  • Promote cross training and retraining in technology and services matters.

  • Decrease the damage of the cargo placed at CCT, as well as, the handling equipment damage.

  • Decrease the downtime of critical handling equipment.

  • Decrease "Personnel Injuries".

Colon Container Terminal, S.A. places the quality of its services above others, because the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers are our major preoccupation.  Quality means to satisfy our internal and external customer's needs the first time and every time.




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