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  • The gatehouse has 6 lanes, 3 for incoming containers and 3 for outgoing containers and a special lane for out-gauge cargo next to the incoming lanes.

  • 2 units of electronic weight scales in two of the incoming lanes.

  • Governmental offices of Customs, Aupsa  and Quarantine to proceed with the delivery and/or receipt of cargo into/from the country.

  • Container's inspection ramp.

  • The system of containers' delivery captures the image of the person who withdraws the container, also, his personal data and the container data that is been withdraw.

  • X-ray machine to scan containers. This machine is solely and exclusively handled by customs staff.


Actually, we are in the expansion phase of the Gatehouse from 6 lanes to 9 lanes and two fumigation arches in order to provide a better service to our customers.



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